About My Company :  Timbr Home Inspections, LLC was formed in Feburary of 2010. I received my Wisconsin State Inspection License in December of 2009 and received my Rental Weatherization Certification License shortly after that.   This has been a life long dream of mine, which finally came true when ending my job with a company for over 33 years and returning to college to reach this desired goal.   

After having a family of my own, and now adult children needing assistance in finding a home suitable for their families, I realize more than ever the importance of being able to buy a home without the worries of what might be wrong.   When people are considering making a home purchase, It is very important for them to know about their home of interest such as details of maintenance requirements, possible defects within the home, etc.  before actually making that purchase.   Enough is already invested in purchasing a home, without any of those unexpected/surprise repair bills.

With today's economy, a home inspection is a very small investment considering the cost of a major repair.   This is why my inspections are done thoroughly, bringing to your attention any defects or items needing maintenance in the near future.  

Please call me at (608)963-3515 or e-mail me from this site (Contact Us page) with any questions you may have,  to get price quotes, or to schedule an appointment time for your inspection.   


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